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What is an Energy Audit?

What is an Energy Audit?

Just like a machine, a home relies on a variety of separate – yet interconnected -- parts to run efficiently. You may have installed a state-of-the-art, eco-friendly furnace, but if your home’s air ducts are leaking or clogged, the overall system will not run at its maximum efficiency. Or, let’s suppose you have just installed the best windows money can buy. If your home lacks sufficient insulation or proper air sealing along doors, however, you will still experience expensive heating and cooling bills, and your home will still feel drafty during the winter.

For a home to truly be eco-friendly and energy-efficient, all parts need to be up to code. This is where completing home energy audit can help. During a home energy audit, a certified professional will visit your home to inspect eight main areas that could be wasting energy and money, including space heating and cooling, water heating, lighting, electronics, appliances, and refrigeration.

Each area includes subcategories that should be inspected, and, if necessary, corrected in order to reduce energy usage each month. For example, space heating and cooling depends not only on the efficiency of one’s HVAC system, but also on the quality of the home’s insulation, ventilation, sealing, and ductwork. And the effectiveness (and overall expense) of home water heating depends on the efficiency of the water heater, shower heads, pipes, and hot-water appliances (e.g. washing machine, clothes washer).

So what happens after a professional home energy auditor inspects your home? The professional will compile a list of the energy-efficient, money-saving home improvements your home needs, and include Free Estimates for any and all upgrades recommended. You may then prioritize the improvements based on their cost (the price of the improvement) or based on their savings (how much you will save on energy bills following completion). But perhaps most importantly, following a professional home energy audit you will possess extremely valuable information: you will know exactly where your energy dollars are going, and precisely how to reduce energy usage and energy bills in the future.

If your monthly energy bills are becoming more and more expensive and burdensome, contact a certified professional about a home energy audit today! Doing so will result in a more efficient and comfortable home, affordable utility bills, and a reduced carbon footprint.

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