Home Energy Audits in the U.S.

Chances are, you’d like to lower your monthly energy bills, right? Perhaps you’d also like to do your part to help the environment by using less electricity and reducing your carbon footprint. Fortunately for homeowners, the two go hand-in-hand.

A home energy audit allows you to identify energy-wasting areas of your home, such as heating and cooling, water heating, and lighting. You can then prioritize repairs or upgrades based on your budget and need. In the end, you’ll have a highly-efficient home, lower energy bills, and less impact on the environment.

Contact us today to schedule a home energy audit in your area. We have qualified and fully trained specialists throughout the country from CT, DE, FL, and MA to IA, IL, MO, OH, and NC, SC, TX, and VA. This home energy audit will identify the problems and provide the prioritized repairs!

Not All Energy Audits are Equal

Like most products and services available for consumers, not all home energy audits are created equal. While your local utility company may offer a “free energy audit,” it will likely fall short of your expectations and needs. These energy audits are usually incomplete, focusing only on obvious and simple areas of home energy efficiency such as air sealing and lighting.

In order to have a truly efficient home coupled with permanent energy savings, you must take a whole-house approach to energy efficiency. And that’s exactly what a complete home energy audit does.

A Whole-House Approach to Energy Savings

Your home is made of a variety of rooms, levels, and parts – each area depending on the next to reach true energy-efficiency. For example, a home with a sufficient insulation r-value in the attic will fail to fully protect a home if the basement or crawl space insulation r-value falls short. And a home with new, eco-friendly windows and weather-stripped doors will not lower your energy bills as much as you’d like if you have an outdated furnace or leaking or clogged air ducts. A home is a system of interconnected parts. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

A complete home energy audit will include a detailed inspection of ten common “energy-wasters” in a home, including but not limited to heating, cooling, water heating, lighting, refrigeration, appliances, and electronics. Once the inspection is complete, your home energy auditor will create a prioritized list (including Free Estimates) of eco-friendly fixes for your home. Following a comprehensive consultation, you – the homeowner – can decide how and when to make your home more efficient by completing the energy-efficient recommendations of your choice.

Don’t be tempted to have your local utility company perform a half-hearted energy audit; instead, enjoy the benefits of a complete, professional home energy audit: lower energy bills, a more comfortable home, a reduced carbon footprint, and true energy-efficiency!

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